Volume 2, No. 1, July 2018

Mutants in the Fe-S biogenesis component AtDRE2 develop twin embryos and...

Diana Mihaela Buzas, Tetsu Kinoshita
Iron is assembled inside cells into cofactors, essential for biological functions. Two types of cofactors, Iron Sulfur clusters and diferric tyrosyl radicals, share a conserved assembly complex containing the DRE2 enzyme, essentia

Lineage-specific evolution of SVA and LAVA retrotransposons

Annette Damert
SVA (SINE-R-VNTR-Alu) and LAVA (L1-Alu-VNTR-Alu) are composite non-autonomous non-LTR retrotransposons specific to hominoid primates. They are mobilized by the LINE-1-encoded protein machinery in trans. SVA insertions can cause di

Targeting the epithelial growth factor receptor in head and neck tumours:...

Loredana G. Marcu
While locoregional control in head and neck cancer has improved over the last few decades because of advances in imaging and treatment technology, five-year survival rates are still poor due to tumour resistance to treatment, recu

Limited proteolysis initiates massive degradation of ginnacin, storage 11S globulin from...

Alla Cherdivară, Angela Rudakova, Tatiana Stepurina, Sergei Rudakov, Karl Wilson, Andrei Shutov
Limited proteolysis of α-chains, followed by a deep cleavage of αβ-subunits via one-by-one mechanism, is observed in the course of papain hydrolysis of ginnacin, the storage 11S globulin from Ginkgo biloba seeds. An independent an


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